Designed by Artists for Artists

MEDICI offers visual artists a fully-featured and customized personal portfolio App that showcases your existing series, your new work and allows for the distribution of news and information about your vision and talent.  Your friends, collectors, followers and supporters can easily get your App on the iTunes store, optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad.  (Android coming soon)

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Fully featured and user-friendly
Designed by Artists for Artists

With MEDICI, you get your very own portfolio gallery App to showcase your existing work, announce new work and let people know about developments such as exhibits, print sales, publications and new pieces.


We provide a fully functional Portfolio App distributed on the iTunes store for you. No coding required, we take care of making your app fully functional and available to the world.  You simply provide us JPEGs of your art work in series and related information and we create your App, test it and submit it for distribution.  While the App is free to you, it provides you a material opportunity to earn new revenues from your work, particularly from those who don’t already or cannot afford to purchase your pieces.


MEDICI was designed by artists for artists to provide an interface that showcases the work without being intrusive or “getting in the way” of the work.  Apps - as opposed to web browsers - provide a controlled predictable experience for the user and show the work in a beautiful way, without the vagaries of an shaky internet connection, taking full advantage of the superior Retina or iPad display screen.  Through in-App purchases of your images as wallpapers for their mobile device, your followers can make an already stylish device unique and striking, a reflection of their taste.

a beautiful interface

Your App will:

  1. Cost you nothing

  2. Present your new work

  3. Show existing series

  4. Provide contact info

  5. Outline your biography

  6. Provide news about you

  7. Generate revenues

  8. Increase web traffic

  9. Help you sell art pieces

  10. Generate enquiries

  11. Allow friends to show others your work

  12. Increase the visibility of your work unobtrusively

Your very own App allows collectors, gallerists, friends and family to keep up to date with news about you, new work and where your work is showing up.  The App can be a simple and effective cornerstone to a non-intrusive public relations effort to promote your work. 


Emerging artists can earn money by offering a simple way for their followers to support them, through the purchase of the App itself, the purchase of individual images as wallpapers for their mobile device and optionally high-resolution scans of the work.  Established artists can similarly direct follower donations to a charity of their choice.

generate support
in-App purchases
Free to the Artist

Download one of our Artists’ free iOS Apps and experience it hands on